'50 Tables' Fun Table Tennis Event in Celebration of SG50 - PAssion Table Tennis 2015

01 Aug 2015
'50 Tables' Fun Table Tennis Event in Celebration of SG50 - PAssion Table Tennis 2015
The PAssion Table Tennis event featured a competition with 50 table tennis tables with table tennis enthusiast from all over the island including teams from the PAssion Table Tennis Clubs and Table Tennis Association for the Disabled Singapore (TTADS) will play right in the heartlands of Nee Soon South constituency community venue. What is more, there were free carnival games and children’s activities for the public to enjoy!
The People’s Association (PA) and Singapore Table Tennis Association (STTA) have collaborated since 2011 to organise an annual high point table tennis event to bring like-minded residents together and to promote the sport of table tennis.  The collaboration has seen to the growth of PAssion Table Tennis Clubs (table tennis sport interest group) based in the heartlands to over 70 Clubs, which has the objective of engaging residents on a regular basis and foster greater community bonding through table tennis.
In this fifth edition of the high point event, Nee Soon South Community Sports Club (CSC) with the support of the Nee Soon GRC Grassroots Organisations is the community partner to organise the PAssion Table Tennis 2015.  The event is supported by the SG50 Celebration Fund and is open to teams representing five categories namely Men’s Open, Women’s Open, Veteran, Youth and Children, to promote inter-generational bonding.  The Youth category is created this year to give opportunities for players in the 13 to 21 year-old age range.  The competition is designed to be friendly and enables each team meet no less than five or six other teams to maximize the opportunities for participants to interact and connect socially. 
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'50 Tables' Fun Table Tennis Event in...