Asian Cup 2015 - Updates & Results

15 Mar 2015
Asian Cup 2015 - Updates & Results
Feng Tianwei claimed the Asian Cup GOLD for Singapore, following an impressive win against Liu Shiwen (CHN) in the final of the women’s singles event.
Detailed results as follow: 
Day 1 First Stage (Group Results)
Feng Tianwei   
beat Lee Ho Ching (HKG) 3:1                                        
beat Zhu YuLing (CHN) 3:0         
beat Cheng I-Ching (TPE) 3:1         
Yu Mengyu            
lost Ishikawa Kasumi (JPN) 1:3         
lost Seo Hyowon (KOR) 2:3         
beat G Poulomi (IND) 3:1         
Gao Ning                
lost Mizutani Jun (JPN) 0:3         
lost Tang Peng (HKG) 1:3         
beat Ghosh S (IND) 3:0         
Yang Zi                  
beat G Sathlyan (IND) 3:0         
beat Ali Omar (YEM) 3:0         
lost Alamiyan N (IRI) 0:3         
Note: Yang Zi belongs to Group D for regional representatives. Only Champion in this Group will compete in the Challenge Round.
Day 2 – Second Stage
Yu Mengyu
lost Doo Hoi Kem (HKG) 2:3
Gao Ning
beat Chuang Chih Yuan (TPE) 3:2
Quarter Finals (Men’s Singles)
Gao Ning
lost Xu Xin (CHN) 0:4
Played for 5th to 8th position (Men’s Singles)
Gao Ning
lost Achanta S. Kamr IND 4:1
Played for 7th  – 8th position (Men’s Singles)
Gao Ning
lost Niwa Koki (JPN) 4:3
Quarterfinals (Women’s Singles)
Feng Tianwei
won Doo Hoi Kam HKG 4-2
Semi Finals (Women’s Singles)
Feng Tianwei
won Fukuhara Ai (JPN) 4:3
Day 3 – Results (Finals)
Feng Tianwei
beat Liu Shiwen (CHN) 4:2