Junior Development Squad


Junior Development Squad (JDS)

Sports champions are not born. Their successes results from many years of hard work and well-planned training. With this in mind, the STTA has put in place strong and structured youth development programmes to groom our young athletes into the champions of tomorrow.

Selection Policy-

Selection Criteria

  • Must be Singapore citizen
  • Age between 7 to 12 years old (invitation to selection trials)
  • High potential junior players with proven results or recommendation by coaches
  • Able to commit to at least 4 training sessions per week
  • Possess good training discipline and positive attitude

Selection Process

  • Selection trials shall be conducted half yearly
  • High potential players from each zone centre, recommended by their respective coaches, shall be invited for the selection trials
  • Top players on the National Youth Ranking list shall be invited
  • Letters of invitation shall be disseminated to eligible players about 4 weeks prior to the trial with the following information:

-  Objectives of the trial including number of athletes to be selected
-  List of eligible athletes for the trial - Competition system/ format of the selection trials
-  Date of the selection trials
-  Appeal process, if applicable
-  Results of the selection trials shall be reviewed and decided by the selection panel
-  Athletes successfully selected into the JDS will be notified in writing.

Selection Panel

  • JDS Boys Team Coach
  • JDS Girls Team Coach
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • High Performance Manager
  • Senior Technical Manager
  • Chairman of High Performance Committee

On-going Assessment Process

  • Players in the JDS will continue to be assessed half yearly on their training progress, competition performances, discipline and attendance
  • Players who fail to meet up to stated expectations may be asked to leave the squad.

Eligibility for international tournaments

  • Players who are in the JDS may be selected to join other elite athletes e.g. from the Sports School to compete for opportunities to represent Singapore in international tournaments.
  • Selection trials may not be conducted, and selection of trainees may be based on coaches' recommendation or other criteria, for overseas training camps or other tournaments which are primarily opportunities for international competition exposure
Course withdrawal procedures:
Each child is deemed to be in the training program and the parent/guardian must continue to pay all fees until formal written withdrawal is submitted to the coach thirty (30) days before commencement of the next month’s training, as stated in the Fees, Terms and Conditions Form.
To download the course withdrawal form, please click HERE or you can obtain it from coaches / STTA office @ Toa Payoh.